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Enjoy the most success with our BCI Certified Triple Chamber bat house. 

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We use only #1  Cedar and the best craftsmanship. We back our workmanship with a lifetime warranty.

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Hi Louis, "Your bat house came highly recommended from my brother in law. We last counted 70 bats,........ talk about bug control. We went from constantly needing bug spray to needing absolutely nothing - ever. Thanks for making and selling these!"

– Dave

Hi Louis, "The bat house arrived.......and it's really nice!

– Richard

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Welcome to Big Bat Box

When it comes to Bat Boxes and Bat Houses for sale, Big Bat Box delivers. Mosquitoes, insects, and other bugs can make outdoor living quite a pain. Instead of enjoying a game of horseshoes on the lawn or an ice-cold lemonade on the patio in peace, you’re constantly slapping the side of your leg or batting bugs away from the rim of your cup.

Consistently dealing with insects and mosquitos is no way to enjoy the outdoors. Sure, you can apply bug spray day and night. While others have installed some Tiki Torches. The fact of the matter is neither solution works that well. Check out or durable Bat House For Sale below!

A Bat Box is the Perfect Solution

Buying a bat box or bat house for sale online is a better way to eliminate these pests. Why? Because you’re not getting rid of the bugs and mosquitos; you’re repelling them. You need to be eliminating. That’s where our Big Bat Box for sale comes into play.

If you’re ready to eliminate mosquitos from your property once and for all, it’s time to buy a Big Bat Box today.

Why You Need a Bat Box or Bat House

Now, you may be thinking, “Why do I need a bat box? What do bats have to do with anything?” Well, I’m glad you asked. See, bats are mosquitos and other insect’s worst enemy. What kryptonite is to Superman, bats are to mosquitos. And I’m not even hyping things up here.

According to Bat Rescue, a bat conservation organization, these animals can consume up to 1,000 mosquitos in one hour. Most bats eat between 6,000-8,000 insects a day. And that’s just one bat!

Guess how many bats one Big Bat Box can hold? 200. I don’t know about you, but that’s a lot of bats to me. And with a little mental math, you may find 1,200,000 or more insects and mosquitos are gobbled up from your property every day.

With a quality bat house properly installed on your property, bug-free living could become reality before you know it. Just imagine downing an ice-cold brew on your back porch without the worry of getting bit by a mosquito.

Our Bat Boxes & Houses for Sale

If you’re ready to get rid of mosquitoes for good, it’s time to buy a Big Bat Box. While we know you have a few options, you’ll find out bat houses to be the best in the industry. Why? Well, let’s look:


Big Bat Box is one of the few BCI-Certified large nursery bat boxes available. As many commercial bat houses simply are not up to par or just not suitable for bats, one that is certified from Bat Conservation International ensures you’re getting one of the best products on the market.

Bat Conservation International only certifies a bat house company after they have done a thorough inspection of the product in-person. The certification process was created to offer someone interested in buying a bat house some guidance. Bat houses can be expensive, and a BCI-Certification ensures you’re investing your money in a quality product, like a Big Bat Box.

Attract More Bats

Using a unique three chamber construction, Big Bat Box is able to successfully attract female bats and offer them a area to form strong bat nursery colonies. Female bats don’t breed in bat houses smaller than three-chambers, so the size of our product is essential to attracting as many bats as possible to your property.

Big Bat Box can hold over 200 bats, which is desirable for effectively cleaning most mosquitoes and insects from your area. As one of the larger bat houses on the market, small to mid-sized properties should only need one Big Bat Box to see significant results.

High-Quality Materials & Long-Lasting Design

Every Big Bat Box is made from Cedar, a wood known for its unique ability to withstand the worst weather Mother Nature can throw her way. We understand your bat house is an investment, so we spent time making sure the product would last a long, long time on your property.

Fully Assembled

Here's another benefit of our Bat Houses for sale; your Big Bat Box also comes fully-assembled. You won’t have to spend hours trying to properly construct the product. We do that for you. You simply unpack the box, locate the ideal place to mount it, and then mount your bat house. No hours of construction needed! 


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