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Merlin Tuttle’s Bat Conservation

Merlin Tuttle’s Bat Conservation

Merlin Tuttle’s Bat Conservation (MTBC) is an esteemed organization committed to the protection and understanding of bats. Their work involves rigorous scientific research, public education, and habitat preservation, ensuring that bats can continue to thrive and contribute to our ecosystems.

Why Support MTBC?

  • Supporting MTBC helps maintain ecological balance by protecting bats that control insect populations and pollinate plants.
  • MTBC works to dispel myths and raise awareness about the importance of bats, fostering a culture of understanding and coexistence.
  • Your support aids in pioneering research to develop effective conservation strategies and better understand bat behavior.
  • Ensuring the preservation of bats means safeguarding the ecological and agricultural benefits they provide for the future.
1% for the Planet

1% for the Planet

Big Bat Box is a proud member of 1% for the Planet, a global alliance of businesses that donate 1% of their annual sales to environmental nonprofits. This commitment helps fund a wide array of projects aimed at promoting sustainability and addressing critical environmental challenges.

Why 1% for the Planet?

  • Supporting 1% for the Planet helps protect vital ecosystems and biodiversity.
  • Your contributions support global environmental initiatives, creating a significant impact.
  • The organization collaborates with trusted environmental nonprofits to amplify the impact of its initiatives.
  • You join a global network committed to positive environmental change.


MTBC’s initiatives help maintain healthy ecosystems by supporting bat populations, which are crucial for insect control and plant pollination.

By purchasing products from Big Bat Box, you are directly supporting MTBC. You can also donate directly to MTBC or volunteer for their programs.

Big Bat Box donates 1% of all sales to 1% for the Planet, ensuring that a portion of every purchase goes towards environmental causes.

While our donations are pooled to support a broad range of vetted nonprofits, 1% for the Planet ensures that all contributions are used effectively to address environmental issues.

Yes, transparency and accountability are core values of 1% for the Planet. The organization provides regular updates and reports detailing how funds are distributed and the impact of supported projects, ensuring donors can see the tangible results of their contributions.

1% for the Planet maintains stringent vetting processes for its nonprofit partners to ensure that donations are allocated to credible and impactful environmental projects. Additionally, the initiative upholds financial transparency and accountability, providing stakeholders with detailed reports on how funds are utilized and the outcomes achieved.

1% for the Planet supports a diverse range of environmental projects and initiatives focused on biodiversity conservation, habitat restoration, sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, and climate resilience, among others. These projects are implemented by vetted nonprofit partners worldwide, addressing pressing environmental challenges at local, regional, and global scales.