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Why You Need a Bat House: Your Go-To Guide

Why You Need a Bat House: Your Go-To Guide

Why on earth would you want a bat house? Those blood-sucking flying mammals are nothing but trouble. Flying around at night causing a gosh darn ruckus!

Ok, so we might sound like your Grandpa here while playing devil’s advocate. But why do you need a bat house? Why would you want bats living on your property all year long? Well, that’s an easy one.

Here at Big Bat Box, we want to show you how beneficial bats can be to homeowners. Just imagine - no more mosquito issues ever again! Bats are nature’s insect control mechanism and have been known to completely remove mosquitoes from a property.

But the animals do so much more than simple insect control. So let’s dive in and learn more about why you need a bat house.

What is a Bat House?

First and foremost, we need to discuss what a bat house is. You won't need one unless you know what they are. Basically, a bat house is a wooden box specifically designed to attract bats. These boxes are hung from posts in specific areas that bats find attractive.

If installed properly, a bat house will attract a colony of bats. This colony of bats will then eat up all the insects and mosquitoes in the area. Thus, most people see a bat house as one of the premier forms of mosquito control.

Learn more about bat houses and mosquito control here.  

The Benefits of Bat Houses

Now, mosquito and insect control tends to be the main reason why people install bat houses. However, there are many other benefits of bat houses. Bats are amazing for the ecosystem due to a plethora of reasons, including:

  • Insect control
  • Mosquito control
  • Plant pollinators
  • Great poop
  • Seed distributors
  • Bat conservation
  • ...And more!

  • Learn more about the benefits of bats and bat houses here.

    Where to Put a Bat House in Your Yard

    Now, before you go bat house crazy and start throwing these things up all around your property, you need to know a few things. Mainly, where you place your bat house is absolutely essential to how many bats you’ll attract.

    Without proper installation, you’ll struggle to get even a single bachelor bat to live in your bat house. But if you put a bat house in the right place on your property, you could end up with more than 200 bats living in your bat home.

    Here’s a few things to consider during the installation process:

  • Keep the house high up. Bats prefer to live about 15-20 feet off the ground.
  • Never place the bat house near a tree. Trees and branches attract bat predators. So bats will not live near them.
  • The closer to water your property is the better a chance you’ll attract female bats.
  • The color of your bat house matters. Hues will vary depending on climate.
  • Sunlight is vital. You’ll need 2-8 hours of direct sun on the bat house. This usually means facing the front of the house to the SE or SW.
  • Testing matters. Make sure you can move the bat house around to different locations until bats show up. Bats are wild animals. So you may have to experiment a bit

  • Learn more about where to put a bat house in your yard by clicking here.

    How to Attract More Bats

    The key to bat house success is attracting bat. You could have the best looking house on the block, but if no bats are living in it, then it doesn’t truly matter. Your only focus should be getting more bats to live on your property!

    So, how do you attract more bats? Well, that starts before you ever even consider buying a bat house. To begin, the most important factor that attracts bats is a natural water source. If you live within 1,500 feet of a creek, stream, pond, river, or lake - you’re in luck. Bats will love living at your home.

    See, female bats refuse to live too far from water when nesting. And you need female bats to form a colony of bats and attract over 200 bats to your home. As such, you need some water around.

    Without natural water, you’ll be forced to stick with bachelor bat houses. While these can be exceptionally effective, you won’t find as many bats around without water.

    Now, attracting more and more bats to your home is a whole different article. In fact, we wrote one on that very topic it.

    Check it out by clicking here.

    Where to Buy Bat Houses Online

    Here at Big Bat Box, we may be a bit biased, but we’ve found that the best bat houses for sale online are available right here.

    The Big Bat Box is designed to attract more bats than any other product on the market. We offer a customized design made with premium materials sure to last decades in the great outdoors. Just look at one of our customers had to say:

    "Your bat house came highly recommended from my brother in law. We last counted 70 about bug control. We went from constantly needing bug spray to needing absolutely nothing - ever. Thanks for making and selling these!  - Dave, Colorado

    Now, there are other places to buy bat houses online, too. We’re not going to lie to you. If you want to search through other, albeit inferior options, then we cover that, too.

    Click here to learn where to buy bat houses online.

    The Big Bat Box: Your Bat House Experts

    We hope you’re convinced. Why you need to buy a bat house? Because bats are amazing animals that aid the ecosystem. Plus, they eat more mosquitoes and insects than you could ever imagine. Goodbye itchy legs! Hello relaxing summer nights in the backyard.

    Click here to buy the premier bat house on the market, the Big Bat House!